New model for General Construction Site Costs

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The Dutch Association of Quantity Surveyors (NVBK; Nederlandse Vereniging van Bouwkostendeskundigen) and Bouwend Nederland have launched a new model for General Construction Site Costs (ABK; Algemene bouwplaatskosten). The ABK are costs that are directly related to a construction project, but are not directly related to the components of the building itself. In practice, it is not always clear which costs fall under the category ‘general construction site costs’. In recent years, innovations in construction processes, such as BIM, have also led to the creation of new types of costs that can be included in the ABK. In the interests of clarity, the NVBK and Bouwend Nederland have combined and updated their models. When developing this new model, the NEN Committee of NEN 2699:2017 was contacted for advice and the model was assessed in real-life situations.