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Participation of stakeholders during projects in our living environment is essential for creating support. This is underlined by the participation obligation under the new Environment Act in the Netherlands. This is also where digital participation comes into play. The digital participation platform InBeeld has been developed by Witteveen+Bos and deployed in projects since 2017. InBeeld helps to scale up and simplify the participation process. In recent years, we have deployed the platform frequently in projects. This deployment has resulted in a flexible and robust platform adapted to the needs of stakeholder and environmental management. In this article, we take you through the latest developments.

What is YourView?

As a digital participation platform, YourView is an addition to traditional participation strategies. YourView makes participation projects more efficient, helps to reach a wider audience and provides the opportunities to gather support by offering creative ways of participation that were not possible before.

The platform can be used to inform the surrounding area about the project, its progress and the choices made. It is also possible to let people from the surrounding area participate and think along with the project by asking for opinions on bottlenecks, retrieving reactions to variant studies or requesting suggestions on possible directions for solutions. 

Unique collaboration

A unique collaboration between environmental managers, software developers and visionaries ensures that YourView adds great value to our public area projects. In this respect, YourView seamlessly links to the participation process at Witteveen+Bos.

Basis of the project: the digital community centre

YourView can be used as the basis of the entire participation process. You can think of it as your digital community centre. It is the central point where stakeholders read more about the project, see where they can go with questions and what the next steps are.

New developments

In recent years, InBeeld has developed by frequently deploying it in various projects. Think, for example, of the broadening of highway, the redevelopment of a city-square, a dyke reinforcement in urban areas or the plan to install wind turbines near the urban districts: each time, the product team learns new needs from users. Some new features offered by InBeeld since a few weeks:

  • A link to map information from ArcGIS Online, making it simple to load maps into InBeeld;
  • The ability to respond to specific spots on an image, such as a drone photo of the project area;
  • a link to a 3D impression;
  • a news element, allowing stakeholders to be kept informed through news items.

Curious about all the possibilities InBeeld offers for your project? 

Please contact Martijn Nieuwenhuijse. Or click on the product page below.


YourView helps you create an online participation environment with just a few mouse clicks.
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More information?

As product engineer, Martijn works on the further development and marketing of Witteveen+Bos' digital products. This includes the YourView platform.

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Martijn Nieuwenhuijse Product engineer