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Engineers come up with smart solutions, so that everyone in the world can live a safe and healthy life. For example, we calculate how sturdy a building should be or where a new residential area should be located. We draw new roads and cycle paths. Engineers investigate what is better: a bridge over something or a tunnel under something and how we can build it safely. In fact, engineers have calculated and drawn the best solution for almost everything around you.

That's not all. We also think about how to make dirty water clean drinking water again. How we can use the sun and wind as a source of energy. Or how high a dyke should be to prevent a city or village from flooding. By researching water, we see whether animals and plants can live well in it. And so, at Witteveen+Bos engineering firm, we do much more to help ensure that the world - our earth - is a great place for everyone to live. Now and later.

Engineering is so cool!

Ize learns how to build a tunnel

Try this at home :)