Joining forces in NedWerk

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With the partnership NedWerk, Witteveen+Bos has qualified for the Framework Agreement of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. With a maximum score on quality, we demonstrated that an integrated approach can best be taken by a broad team with all its expertise. It is precisely because of the required integrality that we have entered into a unique partnership with no fewer than fifteen specialist agencies, to provide the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management with the best possible support.

Transparent, effective and feasible

How are we going to do that? NedWerk contributes proactively to innovative policies for a sustainable society through its consultancy and engineering services. We take an integrated approach to the issues and the required transitions and work in a task-oriented manner. We understand that transitions require support and that we have to keep an eye on the sometimes widely divergent interests of the entire playing field - from governments to businesses to citizens. That is why we take into account administrative and social developments and relationships and strive for solutions that are transparent, maximally effective and (socially) feasible. This means, for example, that we involve stakeholders in our consultancy work as standard and focus throughout the process on the required support for decision-making and implementation. In that respect, NedWerk has both substantive expertise and process knowledge and the competences for cooperation.

Broad knowledge and experience

Our advice focuses on all aspects of policy: development, implementation and support. We use available knowledge and develop new knowledge in consultation with our clients, civil society organisations, knowledge institutes and market players. In doing so, we make use of our large knowledge network at home and abroad. As a partnership, we can tackle all aspects of the policy field of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. We have high-level substantive knowledge and broad experience, and have proven in countless projects that we are masters of process management. With our combination of (substantive and process) generalists and specialists, we can help with any issue.

NedWerk consists of the firms AT Osborne, MuConsult and Witteveen+Bos. We also work on an equal footing with 4Cast, AVIV, Bureau BUITEN, CE Delft, CGI, Het Groene Brein, KplusV, NewForesight, Panteia, PWC, Urhahn and VINU. We have set up this partnership because today's issues are often so complex that individual parties cannot tackle them alone. It is precisely with a broad coalition of cooperating partners that we must and can make the difference. The partners have also expressed their intention to seek each other out and strengthen each other more often when dealing with issues for other clients.

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