Investigating large-scale affordable energy storage solutions

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Against the backdrop of the energy transition, which has led to greater electrification of industry, transport and heating, there is a growing dependence on wind and sun as sources of electricity. Elestor and Vopak, supported by advisors from Witteveen+Bos and Bergselaan Beheer, have started to investigate which energy markets in the Netherlands may have feasible business cases in the coming years for large-scale affordable energy storage with a capacity of 500 kW or more.

Vopak is investigating how its expertise in storage infrastructure can contribute to finding solutions for this affordable large-scale energy storage solution. Vopak is specialised in the independent storage of products that are essential in daily life, such as energy, edible oils and chemicals. Elestor's hydrogen bromide flow battery uses storage tanks for electrolyte and hydrogen. Vopak has extensive experience in the storage and handling of hazardous substances in many port areas in both the Netherlands and abroad. The company is currently exploring more options relating to the energy transition and is keen to help investigate how Elestor's hydrogen bromide flow battery can be used as a large-scale affordable energy storage solution. This project is an important step on the path towards researching and developing new technology.

One of the factors to be considered is the ideal energy storage capacity (kWh/MWh) in relation to the power (kW/MW). The project will also explore the kind of role large-scale storage can play in ensuring the security of supply to companies that want to electrify their processes.

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