Interactive platform in use for sustainable mobility plan for Menen, Belgium

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Witteveen+Bos is developing a new mobility plan for the city of Menen in Belgium. The objective: to develop an optimal mobility strategy for the city which accommodates a better quality of life, safety, sustainability and parking opportunities.

In this initial phase we will be carrying out an issue analysis. This analysis lists all the issues relating to the current and future traffic situation. To gain insight into these problems, we have made use of the InBeeld application, an online platform on which all stakeholders can share feedback about mobility. We have already collected around 428 responses that have brought specific issues to light. The next step: develop sustainable mobility solutions in the form of a clear vision for the city of Menen. The beauty of this process is the cooperation between the Breda and Antwerp offices. All the knowledge and experience of our Dutch colleagues regarding mobility and participation helps us to better introduce this effective approach in Belgium. An additional plus point is the increase in cooperation between different offices.

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