Inclusive Infra Manual

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Building with People is a network of Dutch companies that aims to promote inclusive infrastructure worldwide by developing best practices. We do this by designing infrastructure that benefits everyone. Witteveen+Bos is a member of the Building with People network, which also includes KuiperCompagnons, WesselinkVanZijst, Fugro, Sweco, Deltares and MVO Nederland.

The 'leave no one behind' principle shifts attention from the purely functional and financial aspects to the social aspects of an infrastructural development, providing an opportunity for the local community to participate and discuss and contribute ideas. We not only look at the costs and functionality but also at any undesirable effects there may be on vulnerable groups and capitalise on possible opportunities for them.

To achieve this in a structured way, Building with People started the 'NL Inclusive Infra Manual'. The Manual supports professionals and focuses primarily on infra projects in developing countries, where vulnerable groups experience the most serious problems. In the rapidly growing delta cities, the number of slum dwellers is also growing fast. These people are not only threatened by natural disasters like flooding but also by disease and starvation.

The Manual offers us the opportunity to talk to those directly involved and create a community profile at an early stage in the planning process. This profile describes the daily life of the community, establishes the mutual connections and provides information about how people generate an income. We then determine how the plans impact on this daily life, income and the community. How can we adapt the plans to ensure that they really improve daily life in the community? This might involve small additions to a larger infra project, like a drainage project where we use the waste that blocks water channels to produce building materials. Or it might be a simple adjustment to the design which allows us to extend access to clean drinking water by collecting rainwater.

View the Manual by clicking on the button below. Members of the Building with People network can provide support in the application. The NL Inclusive Infra Manual will be edited based on new practical experiences, recent insights and suggestions. Please share these experiences!

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