YourView: a unique participation platform

YourView is turning the tables, empowering residents to launch their own initiatives

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On 7 November 2019, Witteveen+Bos launched YourView, an online participation platform that makes it easy for stakeholders to participate in existing projects or start their own. This last feature, unique among currently available platforms, allows anyone to get their own initiatives up and running and coordinate plans with neighbours, stakeholders and other interested parties, making YourView suitable for both large, complex projects and smaller, resident-led initiatives.

With YourView making coordination with neighbours and other stakeholders simple, now anyone can approach their local government about proposed changes with a well-prepared and widely-supported plan. We believe in the power of communities. In line with our ambition to facilitate inclusive urban development processes – with a particular focus on participation and social equality – YourView allows community members to share any concerns or suggestions they have about a local proposal or project. In other words, YourView is helping to turn the tables: residents no longer have to wait for governments to take the initiative and can instead get the ball rolling themselves. Fitting for a platform aimed at democratising decision-making, YourView is free for any private individual with an idea for a public space.

Proven to gather more responses than analogue and other traditional channels, YourView is also suitable for large, complex spatial projects. The Environment and Planning Act will make public participation mandatory, but YourView is already available to offer simple solutions to participation processes.

Want to know more? Visit YourView or get in touch with us.

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