Flemish potential study into small and medium-sized wind turbines

Study of the potential of small and medium sized wind turbines to assess the feasibility and spatial integration of wind turbines faster and more efficiently

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Wind energy is an important technology for the energy transition. Technological advancements mean increasingly larger wind turbines can be built. The advantage of this is that larger turbines generate more energy.

In a densely populated region like Flanders, many areas do not possess the space to install these large wind turbines. For this reason, small and medium-sized turbines are considered as alternatives. These are wind turbines with a capacity ranging from a few kilowatts up to a few hundred kilowatts. They are smaller and have a reduced impact on the surrounding area compared to large turbines.

Because they complement solar energy, small and medium-sized turbines can be an interesting addition to making the energy consumption of businesses, buildings, technical installations and public infrastructure more sustainable.