First acoustic survey under the Environment and Planning Act

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Although the timing of the introduction of the Environment and Planning Act (Ow) remained uncertain for years, in anticipation of this, our noise and vibration experts have already conducted their first acoustic survey under the Ow guidelines. It concerns an acoustic survey for the construction of a new provincial bypass and the modification of a municipal road on the southwest side of Lelystad.

The bypass will relieve the existing road structure and provide access to a future housing development site of over 10,000 homes. The purpose of the acoustic survey is to determine the acoustic effects of the changed and planned roads on the surrounding (projected) houses and on natural areas in the immediate surroundings.

It was not easy to conduct the acoustic survey in accordance with the regulations of the Ow, as there is no previous experience to draw from. In addition, it required extra effort to get to understand the Ow texts, since they are difficult for non-lawyers to read. Together with the Municipality of Lelystad, the Province of Flevoland and Rijkswaterstaat, we expect to reach an approved and supported acoustic survey.