European professional association for cost experts

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The CEEC is the European cooperation association focused on construction costs. In it fifteen national associations come together under the banner of cost management. CEEC’s objective is exchanging knowledge and promoting the cost expert profession. Witteveen+Bos member Erik Schulte Fischedick is one of the two delegates representing the Netherlands. Natallia Palyshenkava, a Witteveen+Bos colleague, is a Belgian representative.

Working groups investigate specific themes and publish them on the website. The association publishes the Construction Monitor, which studies trends in the construction industry on a quarterly basis, such as tender results, market and price developments or the COVID-19 effects on the construction industry. It is a valuable source of information for good financial control of construction projects. Another project is the International Construction Measurement Standard. The ICMS is a multilingual, global standard for reporting and comparing projects.

The ICMS was first published in 2017 and embodies a methodology for reporting, grouping and classifying construction projects and their costs. In the second edition, the entire life cycle was considered alongside the investment costs of construction projects. We are currently involved in the third edition, for further implementation of typical Dutch projects like dykes, polders and dredging.

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