Engineering services on Amsterdam’s bridges and canal walls

Witteveen+Bos awarded large framework contract for ten years’ engineering services on Amsterdam’s bridges and canal walls

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Witteveen+Bos is one of three parties to have been awarded a large framework contract for preparations surrounding the replacement of Amsterdam’s bridges and canal walls. The aim is to make the city safe again, as well as future-proof. The task involves a range of activities, from research and design right up to implementation. Project director Otto Schepers: ‘In recent months, an interdisciplinary team has worked hard on obtaining this tender. We’re proud to have received the highest rating/score for our submission.’

With 200 kilometres of canal walls and 600 bridges, the scope of the project is huge. It requires a truly alternative approach, in particular because processes throughout the entire chain – from research to implementation – will need to be accelerated. This is why we are adopting a business-oriented approach instead of a project-based one. It will involve committing to digitalisation, collaboration and sustainability, and will be led by a team with experience not only in the field but also with chain partners and the process of acceleration. Our approach resulted in us finishing first in the assessment procedure.


Witteveen+Bos is looking forward to getting down to work and applying our years of knowledge and experience in Amsterdam, together with our experience in product innovations and accelerating work processes, in the wider construction industry. By discovering, learning and accelerating together, our company’s goal is – as quickly as possible and with as little disruption as possible – to make the city safe and, if possible, even more beautiful for the next generation. And to take the next step, as a company, in tackling projects in an urban context.

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More information on the project is available in this message from the Municipality of Amsterdam.

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