Cleantech Region looks to hydrogen

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Knowledge and network organisation Cleantech Region and its partners Witteveen+Bos, Kiwa and Saxion are launching Hydrogen Connect 2020-2030. This programme will identify what action needs to be taken to make hydrogen available on a large scale in the Cleantech Region. The project also contributes to the ambition of achieving and maintaining carbon neutrality in energy consumption. 

As part of this project, a knowledge agenda for hydrogen development in the context of the energy transition will be drawn up and further developed, in part by involving two learning communities. Local initiatives will also be strengthened. In addition, a business case – which will also be available for other regions in the east of the Netherlands – will demonstrate the total possible consumption. This will serve as a good starting point for discussions with the main grid operator, Gasunie, and the regional grid operators Enexis and Alliander. The Hydrogen Connect 2020-2030 programme is therefore a logical continuation of the 2020 study carried out by the Cleantech Region, Witteveen+Bos, Kiwa and Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

Quote: ‘To make hydrogen available on an industrial scale, we need to replace gas cylinders with pipelines. We are going to look into whether and where this is possible,’ says Dieter de Vroomen, Cleantech Region programme manager.

Hydrogen Connect 2020-2030

Hydrogen Connect 2020-2030 is a Cleantech Region Deal project within the ‘Green Growth’ action programme. Knowledge gained from this project will benefit governments, businesses, research institutes and residents. By supporting and stimulating regional hydrogen initiatives, it aims to contribute to the growth of the hydrogen economy.

The involvement of learning communities will help to generate knowledge that can be put to practical use. In addition to setting up and implementing a knowledge agenda, the programme has two main focuses: stimulating and strengthening local hydrogen initiatives and gaining knowledge. The latter will, among other things, contribute to the potential connection of the eastern Netherlands to the hydrogen backbone (Hyway 27), a plan currently being developed by Gasunie.

About the Cleantech Region Deal

To boost general prosperity in the Netherlands, the government has committed itself to working closely with the regions. In February 2020, the government selected the Cleantech Region proposal to be developed into a Region Deal. The Region Deal makes it easier for residents, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and government bodies in the Cleantech Region to work together and strengthen the region’s business climate and living environment.

The Region Deal strengthens existing collaborations and also forges new coalitions. In doing so, the national government and regional governments and organisations are working together to strengthen the region and society as a whole. More: