Changes in water levels now more transparent thanks to WABES

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Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat for Water, Transport and the Living Environment, Witteveen+Bos and HKV developed the website This website shows what changes in water levels, flows and temperatures can be expected at 150 points in the national water system between now and 2050. Information on chloride levels is also provided for some areas of the country.


As part of the Fresh Water Delta Programme, Deltares, at the request of Rijkswaterstaat, has explored the effects of climate change for the whole of the Netherlands over a 100-year period using the National Hydrological Model. These calculations are based on the current water system and a number of changes expected in the short term, such as a flexible water level in the IJsselmeer. Two scenarios were calculated: one based on the current climate and one based on the expected climate and economic development in 2050. This provides a wealth of valuable data for citizens and authorities, but the results are difficult to read and interpret.

On, these complex results are converted into useful information: the time series have been converted into timelines. The timelines provide a quick insight into common and rare situations and differences that will arise as a result of climate change. The site is intended to support policy and investment decisions related to the availability of (suitable) water at a particular location in the main water system, or to the transition from the main water system to the regional one.

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