Can we integrate charging stations with existing lampposts?

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The integration of the charging infrastructure into existing public lighting posts means that there is less clutter in public spaces and the existing network is utilised.

Witteveen+Bos, under assignment to Ubitricity (part of Shell) and together with APPM Nederland and The New Drive, investigated whether this would be possible in the Netherlands and Belgium. It turns out to be difficult in the Netherlands. The electricity grid for lampposts in the Netherlands usually supplies too little power and is only available when the lighting must be switched on. In Belgium, the lampposts are often directly connected to the low-voltage grid, which also runs aboveground. As a result, it looks as if lamppost charging in Belgium will be easier to realise. Besides the technical aspects, we also discussed organisational aspects, such as current concessions, ownership of the grid and the masts and sustainability ambitions of the municipalities. The research gives Ubitricity specific tools to determine where the product can be launched in the most effective way.

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