Building team agreement a good foundation for cooperation

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It has been a year since the DG 2020 Model Building Team Agreement was published. Witteveen+Bos was one of the parties contributing to its publication. Interest already turned out to be exceptionally high right from publication of the consultation document in May 2019.

Clients and contractors are enthusiastic about the ideas, and the model offers a good foundation for shaping cooperation. The central idea of a construction team is the involvement of the contractor in the design phase. He is not given full responsibility (as in an integrated contract), but is assigned the same role and responsibility as the other advisers in the design team. This creates a situation where all parties, including the client, work together on the design. The contractor’s involvement means the risks inherent in execution can already be discussed, thus reducing the ‘hassle’ in tat execution. A special element is the conditional order for execution. The implementation contract will only be concluded when there is agreement on price, scope and risk. The DG 2020 model is now generally appreciated for its clear structure, the attention paid to attitude and behaviour, and the complete division of roles and tasks of the parties. The broad acceptance contributes to healthy relationships and healthy, successful construction projects.

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