Are you already waterproof?

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The climate is changing, and extreme rainfall – which can cause flooding – is becoming more frequent. Long periods of drought in the summer are also becoming more common. Although government bodies, such as municipalities and water authorities, are working hard to prevent floods and droughts, there are also a number of things that citizens can do to help. With this in mind, Witteveen+Bos is launching a new digital service:

70% private land

In public spaces, municipalities can implement measures to mitigate water issues; much land, however, is privately owned. In urban areas, this figure rises as high as 70%. And much of it is also paved. Although there is nothing the municipality can do in these spaces, local residents can do their bit to mitigate water issues. For example, they can collect rainwater on their property or allow it to drain into the subsoil.

On the website, residents can enter their postcode and house number. This is the only information that the tool needs to retrieve data about the property (such as the area of the roof and garden, but also the type of soil) from public data sources. The tool uses this data to calculate how much rainwater needs to be stored to cope with a heavy downpour. The homeowner then receives specific advice on the best measures to take for their property. This can range from buying a simple rain barrel to installing a green roof, laying more grass or creating a wadi in the garden. The measures recommended depend on various factors, such as the property’s plot, the groundwater level and the type of soil.


A premium version of the tool, in which we use local data to give more specific advice, is available for governments agencies. The premium version also provides advice based on existing local funding schemes. A range of other customised functionalities are also available upon request. This way, IkBenWaterproof can be used to inform residents about the municipality’s policy and the funding schemes available.

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