All Witteveen+Bos’s digital solutions in one place

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Every day, we work together with our clients and partners on solutions to the complex challenges of our time. Digitalisation is now an indispensable component of this.

Digital tools

On this website, you can easily search for digital solutions that fit your needs. We offer a wide range of digital services in areas such as spatial development, mobility, public participation and asset management, and for different project phases, from preparation to management.

If you are looking to improve cycling infrastructure in your municipality, for example, take a look at the Bicycle Traffic Monitor, a smart tool that maps out the bicycle network. Are you responsible for repairing or replacing quay walls? Then find out more about Automated Quaywall Design, a tool for the parametric design of quay walls. Or be inspired by the possibilities of using virtual reality to generate support for complex infrastructure projects. On the website, you can find out how each solution has been applied in practice.

At, find out which digital solutions can help you meet your challenge, and be inspired.

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