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Witteveen+Bos has recently developed a generic 4D planning web application to remove existing barriers to the validation of and communication surrounding complex planning scenarios. It incorporates flexible, up-to-date and accurate 3D visualisations.

W+B’s app is currently used to great satisfaction by Rijkswaterstaat and Prorail. It was also recently employed by De Efteling to obtain a better understanding of parking at the amusement park’s premises.

In terms of creating and validating a high-quality plan, existing 4D planning software is limited in its degree of accessibility (specialised software is required), user-friendliness and visuals.

Witteveen+Bos’s app eliminates these delaying factors. Any user can move freely through the 3D model and relocate, add or remove objects (machines, elements, etc.).

The 3D visualisation is automatically updated every time a change in the plan or design is made. The existing surroundings are also accurately represented in the 3D model, meaning that clashes with, for example, nearby buildings are clearly depicted.

From 26 to 19 days

The 4D planning app has already proved its added value in a large infrastructure project in the centre of the country. This project involves expanding the road network and adjusting the railway system.

Visualisations created with the 4D planning app helped reduce the overall lead time from 26 to 19 days, which led to considerable savings in costs, time and resources.

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