3D printer prints meeting location within 10 days

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The Meeting Factory is the first commercial 3D concrete printed building in Europe. The Meeting Factory is a great example of clean and revolutionary, future building technology. Berry Hendriks of CyBe: 'The new technique will contribute to the trust in the building industry in 3D printing of buildings, both inside and outside the Netherlands'. The Meeting Factory will be printed in 10 days.

Reduction of material waste

Within the consortium, the Witteveen+Bos engineering firm has been appointed as structural engineer and experienced expert in the field of 3D concrete printing. Hans Laagland and Marijn Bruurs (Structural Engineer) about the advantages of this technique: 'the 3d concrete printing technology is much broader and has the potential to achieve an enormous increase in sustainability. Think of the reuse of materials, the enormous reduction of material wastage or the alternating use of strong and less strong concrete in a construction'.