More support during expansion of A58


The A58 is a busy traffic artery in the province of North Brabant (the Netherlands). Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) has the task of turning it into a smart and sustainable motorway. To do this, the road is being widened between the interchanges at Sint-Annabosch and Galder, and between Eindhoven and Tilburg. It will go from being two to three lanes in both directions. This will also cause more traffic noise, meaning noise barriers need to be installed to prevent excessive noise, VR Noise Barriers helps. 


VR Noise Barriers was used to generate support among stakeholders. The A58’s surroundings were turned into a realistic 3D model, allowing the differences in volume and the different heights of the noise barrier to be experienced at different locations.

A collage of 3 screenshots from the VR Noise Barriers Tool.

Success factors

- The use of this tool meant resistance and frustration were replaced by relevant questions and understanding.

- Stakeholders reacted very positively to the tool and were better able to envision the new situation.

- The difference in traffic noise was experienced by the stakeholders, which convinced them of the design’s merit.

VR Noise Barriers

Rudimentary depictions and long residents’ meetings are a thing of the past with this tool. Stakeholders see and hear both the new and old situations.
A motorway with cars and a white noise barrier.

More information?

Javier is involved in the development of real time applications used for simulations and digital twins.

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Javier Martínez Avila Product engineer