Reuse study bicycle bridges for sustainable infrastructure

Province of North Holland

In a drive for sustainable infrastructure, the Province of North Holland has decided to build two new bridges for both fast and slow traffic. This involves a smart response to the reuse of existing bicycle bridges. The +Reuse Quickscan was deployed to thoroughly investigate the reusability of these bridges.

Research into reusability of bidges

The bicycle bridges, originally built around 1981, are still in good condition and could potentially be reused. The NEN2767 decomposition method was used to identify structural/civil components. The +Reuse Quickscan supported this study by providing quick and detailed insight into the reusability of individual components.

The crucial role of the +Reuse Quickscan

The +Reuse Quickscan played a crucial role in the decision-making process. It provides comprehensive resource knowledge and quickly identifies which components are reusable. This promotes a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and goes beyond conventional inspection and assessment standards. In inspections, the tool provides easy insight into the potential for reuse.

A collage of 2 images. The SDGs can be read and a picture of a tunnel.

Successful results

  1. The +Reuse Quickscan showed that signs, decks, abutments, supports, handrails and any transition plates could be reused.
  2. Reuse risks were identified and strategies for control were suggested.
  3. The study identified follow-up research needed to facilitate reuse and minimise risks.


The study on the reusability of cycle bridges in North Holland is a sample of sustainable thinking in the infrastructure sector. Using the +Reuse Quickscan as a tool, the province demonstrates that smart reuse is not only feasible, but also contributes to a circular future.

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Josh Sykes Sustainability consultant specialised in existing infrastructure

+Reuse Quickscan

The +Reuse Quickscan helps in decision making on reusable assets, with in-depth resource knowledge and quick valuation.
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Josh Sykes Sustainability consultant specialised in existing infrastructure