The Bicycle Traffic Monitor provides insight into expected bicycle flows

GEM Bloemendalerpolder CV

The Bloemendalerpolder and the Gemeenschapspolder are situated in the municipality of Weesp (the Netherlands). Together these polders are called the Bloemendalerpolder. The GEM Bloemendalerpolder CV intends to transform the Bloemendalerpolder from a polder area into an integral residential area ('Weespersluis') with approximately 2,950 houses, facilities, infrastructure, and an extensive nature landscape.

Deployment of the Bicycle Traffic Monitor

Witteveen+Bos has used the Bicycle Traffic Monitor to analyse the future bicycle infrastructure in Weespersluis. The Bicycle Traffic Monitor simulates the various trips that residents of existing Weesp and future Weespersluis residents make on an average day. Origin and destination of the trips, like NS railway station, schools, and shops, are included. All trips are combined, resulting in a map showing bicycle intensity for the future situation.

Help with decision-making

The Bicycle Traffic Monitor will thus provide insight into expected future bicycle flows, enabling a decision to be made about the most suitable design for a connection. Examples are, separate bicycle paths, bicycle streets or a bicycle suggestion lane. It also provides insight into the best location to build a connection regarding the (surrounding) network.

Bicycle Traffic Monitor

The Bicycle Traffic Monitor helps use data to map out bicycle traffic, identify bottlenecks and determine the impact of measures.
Cyclists in the city waiting at a traffic light.

More information?

Sander, a traffic data scientist, is the Bicycle Traffic Monitor's inventor, developer and product owner.

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Sander Veenstra Project Engineer Urban Mobility