Waste and raw materials management

Building a waste-free circular future

Achieving the climate targets requires the shift from a linear to a circular economy. In a fully circular economy, waste is transformed to new raw material.  However, we are not there (yet). There are several barriers to overcome.

We use material flow analysis (MFA) to map clients’ incoming resources and where they end up at end-of-life. Based on this, we advise on how to minimise raw material consumption, use it more efficiently or identify alternative, more sustainable options.

We also try to better facilitate higher-value reuse and suggest and prescribe options for recycling. One way we do this is by designing in a detachable manner and conducting studies on options for recycling and recovering raw materials.

The use of critical (scarce) raw materials is approaching a tipping point, with availability of raw materials, now and in the future, being a key focus of our advice.

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