Traffic engineering

Traffic engineering focuses on studying and optimising traffic flows. Witteveen+Bos deals with issues such as traffic flow, road safety, sustainable mobility and urban accessibility. We design infrastructure such as roads, cycle paths and public transport systems to meet society’s needs. We also take into account technological developments, such as smart traffic lights, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Traffic engineering plays a key role in improving our living environment by contributing to efficient mobility, health, safety, economic growth and urban renewal.

Today’s road infrastructure is subject to ever-increasing demands. This is partly due to increasing mobility, which places a heavier burden on our road network and requires more efficient utilisation. Besides functional requirements for capacity, use and safety, aspects such as the environment, liveability, spatial compatibility and costs play an important role. Witteveen+Bos takes an integrated approach to all projects, linking high-quality expertise with expert project and process management.

Within the specialisation of traffic engineering, we provide the basis for smart infrastructural mobility solutions. Our specialists are adept at programming and are able to accurately analyse large amounts of traffic data. We also use dynamic traffic modelling software (VISSIM) and computational models to test, assess and visualise traffic engineering concepts. Finding the optimal traffic engineering solution can be a complex puzzle, especially in urban areas. Our traffic engineers love the challenge of solving these puzzles and finding the right solution for every situation.

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