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VLAIO supports your sustainable transformation with 85 %

The Flemish government is strongly committed to promoting more sustainable energy consumption among Flemish companies. Through the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), the Flemish government offers businesses investment support and expert guidance to make business processes less dependent on fossil fuels.

Greening study & consultancy, tailored to your business

Your greening study will be conducted by experts from Witteveen+Bos. As a recognized study and engineering firm with years of experience in industrial sustainability, we examine which sustainable technology is most suitable for your company.

We not only carry out a technical feasibility study but also develop a business case and provide concrete advice on the implementation of the technology.

85 % funding by VLAIO

Value of the study is €11,500

  • VLAIO covers 85 % of the costs, which is €9,775
  • The company's contribution is only 15 %, or €1,725


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Scope of sustainability studies

Thematic Feasibility Studies and Business Cases in the Context of Greening Energy Carriers in Industry

  1. Greening: The replacement of fossil fuel usage with the use of green heat, green cold, green electricity, green hydrogen, blue hydrogen, or residual heat or cold. Electrification is also considered greening.
  2. Improvement of Energy Efficiency: An increase in energy efficiency resulting from technological, behavioral, and/or economic changes.
  3. Green Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced from green electricity.
  4. Blue Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced from fossil fuels with carbon emissions capture and permanent storage or use of the captured carbon emissions.

Including studies on the following technologies (non-exhaustive):

  • (Industrial) heat pump;
  • Electric boiler;
  • Electrification of industrial processes;
  • Solar thermal energy;
  • Biogas boilers and biogas production;
  • Use of residual heat;
  • Heat networks between companies;
  • Shallow and deep geothermal energy.

Excluded are all mandatory energy studies that companies, agricultural and horticultural businesses, and public enterprises are already required to conduct.

What we offer

  • Custom advice;
  • Independent advice;
  • Technical experts;
  • Concrete advice from feasibility to implementation;
  • Business cases;
  • Design and engineering.

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