Station areas

Station areas act as key public transport hubs, providing people with easy access to work, education and other important facilities. In addition, station areas are often multifunctional locations where different activities, such as living, working and recreation, converge. This can contribute to the liveability of cities and villages by creating more vibrancy and social cohesion. Thereby, an attractive and functional design of station areas is essential.

Witteveen+Bos is working with several architects to improve the design of existing station. We have also produced several designs for bus depots, bus stations and the public transport facility at an airport. The preparation of such a design brings together several disciplines, such as: traffic engineering, civil engineering, urban design and architecture. We contribute with our specialist knowledge of traffic, public transport, walking and cycling to design a well-functioning concept. We also use our road design expertise to ensure that all types of vehicles can use the designed facility efficiently and safely.

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