Process automation

Automation plays a crucial role in projects. Witteveen+Bos has expertise in process automation at all levels (from vision to works execution). Thereby, we strive for an optimal integrated solution in which we adopt a nearly multidisciplinary approach.

Our process automation engineers frequently collaborate with other specialists at Witteveen+Bos in the various fields of work: energy, water and industry, built environment, ports and infrastructure and mobility. Without exception, our solutions focus on maximum functionality in practice, taking current themes into account.

Witteveen+Bos process automation engineers work on current issues such as:

  • The design of (platform-independent) uniform functional and technical specifications for industrial automation systems;
  • The translation of process designs into functional designs and architecture for process automation; use and display the correct information in the best way (in SCADA environment, for example);
  • The design of IoT solutions, functional synchronised models (such as digital twins) and model-based schemes (e.g. based on Artificial Intelligence);
  • Works supervision, testing and commissioning of industrial automation systems;
  • Independent creation of digital applications in the form of proof of concept;
  • Optimisation of process control and measurement and control systems based on quick scans;
  • Security by design, and providing advice on (cyber) security based on IEC62443 (certified);
  • Coordination or technical contribution to multidisciplinary projects in different working forms, such as agile, scrum or waterfall;
  • Contract preparation and tender supervision for renovation and new new-build projects of electrical and industrial process automation systems;
  • System-based contract management in process automation projects;
  • Instrumentation specifications for basic and detailed designs;
  • Critical safety systems, both for process safety and general safety;
  • Standardisation at functional, technical and organisational level of process automation systems.