Industrial safety

Prevention is better than cure

Incidents in the industry can have a major impact on workers, citizens, the environment and the company itself. The prevention of incidents is therefore of utmost importance to all parties. Properly functioning safety management systems with appropriate risk studies are the basis for this.

Witteveen+Bos’ safety specialists have very extensive experience in internal and external safety in chemistry, energy (hydrogen and CO2 storage), gas and the waste and drinking water sectors. Together with the client, we identify potential risks and then develop an appropriate approach to remove the potential threat, integrating the solution(s) into existing risk policies.

Making risks manageable

As part of internal safety, process safety is crucial for companies working with systems with a risk of the release of hazardous substances. Companies are required to manage all risks that may occur during the operation, maintenance or expansion of their (process) installations.

We guide companies in maximising safety performance with adequate risk analyses, translation of regulations into daily practice and knowledge of current and future policies, with our broad and long-standing experience providing a reliable foundation.

The safety management services we offer:

  • HAZOP;
  • HAZID;
  • ENVID;
  • What-If;
  • LOPA;
  • SIL classification & verification;
  • SIF validation (IEC 61508/61511)
  • QRA.  

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