High resolution site characterisation (HRSC)

Fast and reliable remediation through a better understanding of the subsurface

At every contaminated site, accurately mapping the complexity of the subsurface, the spread of soil contamination, and the geohydrological situation is a challenge. However, only by collecting a large amount of detailed data can you conduct a thorough risk assessment and provide expert advice to properly address the problem area. If this is not done, there is a high chance that the contamination will be underestimated, remediation efforts will fail, and costs will increase due to continuous additional investigation phases.

Therefore, detailed soil investigation is always an absolute added value. But until recently, this process was intensive, time-consuming, and expensive.

Our business unit EnISSA ('Enhanced In Situ Soil Analysis') is changing this. By developing our own unique measurement method combined with state-of-the-art 'High Resolution Site Characterization' tools, we can completely map the (subtle) variations in soil layering and the presence of soil and groundwater contamination. Quickly and on-site. Extremely accurate and detailed. Clear and insightful.

Such HRSC research yields a ton of relevant information. This allows consultants, brownfield developers, regulators, and problem owners to recognize, identify, and eliminate uncertainties in their Conceptual Site Model (CSM). Enabling them to make the right decisions and, if necessary, remediate effectively and efficiently.

Our HRSC measurement techniques are continuously being fine-tuned, allowing customers across Europe to deploy increasingly refined methodologies to accurately map the specific issues of brownfields.

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Pieter Buffel