High-voltage technology is currently receiving attention as part of the energy transition. Witteveen+Bos combines years of knowledge of this technology with a multidisciplinary approach. Together with our fellow experts in the fields of energy transition, electrical engineering and renewable energy, we are constantly on top of new and sustainable developments. It helps us create the best possible solutions for our clients.

High-voltage specialists at Witteveen+Bos work on current issues including:

  • Designs for new high-voltage substations or expansions of existing substations, especially in the context of the energy transition
  • Cable route designs for high-voltage systems
  • Implementation designs for maintenance and renovation of high-voltage substations, both primary and secondary
  • Advice on topics including:
    • EMC influence, earthing, and magnetic field calculations
    • Scenario and feasibility studies
    • Load balancing
  • Contract preparation and tender supervision (including UAV-GC)