Data analysis and information provision

A driver for better solutions

Data science allows us to create value for our clients. Data management, for instance, will allow us to fill in important knowledge gaps on the ecological impact of offshore wind farms, thus enabling more accurate modelling and advice. Processing, analysing, managing and using (big) data is a growing expertise at Witteveen+Bos.

It is essential to properly check the quality and accuracy of the data before using it. Therefore, any data-related task starts with a quality assessment based on our data validation algorithm toolbox. This includes validating data from a monitoring system or measuring programme in real time.

We then use our knowledge and experience in applied statistics and mathematics to see what combinations of data, analyses and visualisations can make the issue understandable and contribute to solving the problem. Not only does this process provide new information, it also leads to new insights and solutions.

We regularly use our data science skills, such as programming, data fusion, and application of neural networks and artificial intelligence, to come to a data or information product, such as the Automated Quay Wall Design, Wave Impact on Harbours or VR Dykes. We do this on our own initiative or as part of a software development team within a project. We also advise clients on how to further integrate data management into their organisation and we provide tailor-made training courses.

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