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Public Space Design and Asset Management

Public space determines the face of towns and villages. Squares, quays, bridges, roads and parks make up the living environment which everyone uses daily. We are passionate about the civil-engineering design and maintenance of these civil works in our built environment.

We draw up an inventory, and research, design and prepare projects aimed at public space renewal and management. We work on the layouts of streets, squares, bicycle infrastructure and parks for municipalities, provinces, developers and construction companies throughout the Netherlands. Our ambition is to make the public space of our cities more beautiful and healthier, with space for greenery, playing, walking and cycling.

We provide civil-engineering design and drawing work, and furnish contract advice for both traditional and innovative contract forms. We provide management and supervision during the realisation phase, and our environmental managers harmonise and coordinate with stakeholders prior to and during the realisation phase of construction projects. We think and act!

We also specialise in restoring old quay walls in historic city centres, creating environmental streets and waste disposal stations, and renewing and relocating cables, pipes and sewers.

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Richard Pater

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