Emerging contaminants

We are witnessing an increase in new and emerging contaminants or substances of very high concern in the living environment. These substances, such as PFASs, may have an impact on the quality of our living environment: from our food and drinking water supply to social challenges such as housing shortages, climate adaptation and energy transition. 

Emerging substances and substances of high concern

These substances are found in the soil and in the water and are extremely difficult to remove. The consequences of these groups of substances are often irreversible and only become apparent after one or two generations. The best way to tackle the issue is at its source, but once in the environment, a rigorous approach by experienced specialists is necessary to minimise the effects. As an engineering firm, we are working actively on this challenge by developing novel concepts to find solutions. We successfully apply these solutions in our projects. The following infographic provides an impression of our knowledge and innovative solutions.