Monitoring system

The monitoring system used for the construction of the North/South Line was a technically challenging project. The system showed how life above ground was influenced by working underground. The construction process and the environment were linked, providing insight into the moving position of the drill and its effects at street level. The flow of measurement data from buildings, ground level and subsoil was made transparent in real time and translated into useful information. The Mobonz system was specially developed for this purpose and can be considered one of the world's largest monitoring programmes.

The core of the monitoring system is a Geographical Information System (GIS). With this web-based GIS, the progress of the dynamic construction process and the settlements possibly caused by it are mapped online via the Internet. The designers and executors of the building processes use this information, which is displayed in the spatial context, to steer the building process and to react to the effects that occur.
Thanks to flexibility and real-time insight into the behaviour of the home, the drilling process could be adjusted accordingly. 

System functionalities:

  • Control and storage of measurement data, in which the complete history, including changes, is recorded
  • Real-time retrieval and visualization of measurement data
  • Combining measurement and environmental data: buildings (photographs, data on hulls and foundations), cables, pipes and roads
  • Analysis of data
  • E-mail and SMS function to proactively inform data subjects
  • Helpdesk functionality
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