The story of Lars Rius

Individual interests or ambitions are always considered

Hi, I'm Lars Rius and I graduated in Architectural Engineering from Ghent University in 2020. Currently, I am working as a Project engineer at Witteveen+Bos. I am mainly involved in the Oosterweel, as well as various other projects. Together with Ghent University for example, I am investigating more sustainable solutions for 3D concrete printing, and I performed calculations for numerous foundations for various high-voltage elements.

When I joined Witteveen+Bos, I was particularly struck by the open communication here. Because of the horizontal organisational structure, the communication lines are short. This means that you can contact colleagues quickly if you have any questions, and starters receive lots of support. There is also great diversity in projects and people in the company, which makes the work and the atmosphere very interesting.

Individual interests or ambitions are also always considered. As a project engineer, I am given the freedom to work on projects which reflect my interests, such as automation and thinking up innovative solutions. This is also considered in the composition of a project team. If the workload becomes too much, the group leader looks at how we can redistribute the work.


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