The story of Karen Ansar

The ability to work independently

Hello, I'm Karen Ansar and I'm 24. After graduating as a bioengineer, I joined Witteveen+Bos as an environmental consultant. I work in the Environmental Effects group, helping coordinate environmental impact assessments. As well as that, I'm also an environmental coordinator.

Working on projects for clients operating in different business lines means you encounter different specialist areas. The best way to learn new things every day. It's also interesting for new employees that you're able to work on small assignments, as well as big projects with a longer lead time.

I've noticed that, as a starter, I've quite quickly been able to work independently on a variety of different aspects within a project. These range from the tender phase to the investigative work, as well as communication with the surroundings.

However, that doesn't mean that there's no support or guidance. On the contrary! You can easily ask experienced colleagues in your own or a different discipline for more information if you have any questions or you need advice.


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