The Story of Axelle Vincent

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Hello, I’m Axelle. I graduated in 2020 as an environmental scientist, my second master’s following one in urban design and spatial planning. Using this combination of specialities, I work at Witteveen+Bos on developing environmental impact assessments for spatial implementation plans. In doing so, I try to bridge the gap between spatial planners working on urban development (and other) projects and experts in soil, water, heritage, mobility, etc.

At Witteveen+Bos, there’s lots of room for newcomers to indicate what their interests are and what they’d like to work on. It gives me, at least, satisfaction to be able to participate in both small and large projects and have a positive impact on society. Every project is a new story which you can immerse yourself in. 

Colleagues are always willing to lend an ear, as experts or simply as a fellow employee. You come into contact with lots of people on the workfloor with diverse backgrounds. It’s great to see how everybody is committed to delivering a quality project.


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