Water plan Antwerp

Future rainfall and periods of drought will have an impact on the living environment. In drafting a Water Plan, the City of Antwerp anticipates future developments. The Water Plan gives a city-wide vision of water and practical solutions to give water a new place in the city and improve water awareness in Antwerp.

The city of Antwerp wants to improve the integration of water in the cityscape and use integral solutions for its water issues to ensure better quality of life and space in the city. The water plan integrates water into the cityscape and makes it more visible, improving the quality of life for residents and visitors to the city.

For the Antwerp Water Plan, Witteveen+Bos worked with the Urbanisten and Common Ground. Witteveen+Bos performed an historic and technical-hydraulic analysis of Antwerp. A rainwater strategy was subsequently drawn up per water structure and the relevant design measures appropriate to the function of that type of urban fabric were selected. A city-wide vision was also drafted containing a green-blue framework of 5 structures which characterise Antwerp hydraulically and spatially (River valleys and waterways, Ring park, Parkenwig, Mineral city and Radical local).

The drafting of the Water Plan was a participative process in an intensive trajectory involving various workshops and meetings with the Antwerp city departments, Waterlink/Aquafin, the province of Antwerp and VMM. To test the city vision, case studies were conducted. For the Stuivenberg case, citizens and local organisations were also involved in the workshops. This ensured support for the resulting Water Plan.

By means of an implementation strategy and communication plan, Antwerp is supported in the implementation of the Water Plan. The project card with priority Water Plan projects also provides direction.

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