Recovering surplus heat in the Port of Rotterdam

Gasunie’s WarmtelinQ project aims to use surplus heat from the Port of Rotterdam to heat homes and businesses in South Holland. This will significantly reduce carbon emissions and the use of natural gas for heating. The surplus heat will be obtained from a number of large industrial premises, particularly in the Europoort and Botlek areas.

For the Port of Rotterdam Authority and WarmtelinQ, we identified how surplus heat can be recovered from industrial companies, such as Exxon, Shell and Hexion, situated in the Port of Rotterdam. In consultation with these companies, we determined the amount and temperature of the available surplus heat. Using this information, we then created initial designs for the required heat transfer stations and – together with our partner, Rotterdam Engineering – for the pipeline route to the heat network. These designs were provided to the relevant companies for approval and we subsequently prepared an estimate of the investment costs per location. The designs were also used by WarmtelinQ in drawing up the overall system design.