• Innovative engineering construction

  • Iconic pedestrian bridge

  • To mark the centenary of Estonia's 1918 Declaration of Independence

Movable bridge Tallinn

To celebrate Estonia's 100-year anniversary, in 2018 the country announced an international design competition for a pedestrian bridge in Tallinn. The bridge is located in the centre of the old port in Tallinn.

The bridge called New Balance 100 is Estonia's first dynamic, movable bridge. It is an architectural and cultural milestone for the country. With its aesthetic design and innovative solutions, the bridge is a high-profile object in public space. The perfect symbol to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Estonia's Declaration of Independence.

Innovation technical solutions
The New Balance 100 design is a work of art with an innovative technical structure. It combines an aesthetic look with an innovative technical balancing solution. The water reflects the skyline of Tallinn's city centre, which is occupied by the symmetrical parts of the bridge. When the bridge 'opens its arms', it creates an iconic image that embraces residents and passengers. The bridge offers interesting views when open and closed.

The movable counterweights are integrated in the design and visible from the outside. The bridge makes a flowing, wavy movement over the quay when opening and closing. Besides the rolling movement of the bridge, the moving weights of the construction are also visible. These weights descend when the bridge opens slightly and their counterweights reduce the moment of force. This technique ensures that the bridge itself remains in balance at all times, hence the name New Balance 100.

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