Membrane Bio Reactor

The Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) is an advanced wastewater treatment technology with great potential for use where space is limited or where strict effluent requirements must be met. The combination of biological activated sludge processes and membrane technology makes it possible to treat heavily contaminated wastewater in a single step, producing a high-quality permeate, suitable for reuse.

We have designed several MBRs for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater in the Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan. These projects aim to produce disinfected effluent for swimming and irrigation water or raw water with low fouling potential for industrial process water production.

An interesting case is the incorporation of an MBR treatment system in the WWTP at Terneuzen in the Netherlands, which transforms municipal wastewater into high-quality process water for the nearby DOW Chemical industrial site. Installing an additional MBR system in the WWTP enabled two problems to be solved: firstly, the MBR provides additional capacity for municipal wastewater treatment, and secondly, it serves as a more economical process water production facility than the original seawater desalination plant.

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