Integrated Water Resources Management programme Benin

Witteveen+Bos supported the Dutch Embassy in Benin to formulate a new WASH and IWRM programme for the period 2017-2021. The programme includes sector development for WASH and IWRM, infrastructure development and development of capacities and behaviour of individuals.

The programme had five components which have strong interconnections:

  • Development of the WASH sector
  • Development of a delta plan (for surroundings of Cotonou) and a multi-sector approach (with emphasis on water and socio-economic developments)
  • Technical assistance for above developments
  • Fund Manager for NGO and Private sector initiatives in the field of WASH and IWRM
  • Financial and programme support to other donors in the field of WASH and IWRM.


A framework (theory of change) was developed for the overall programme, with an overview of policy relevance, objectives, indicators, activities and results/outcomes. For each component, guiding principles for implementation of good governance, reorganisation needs and capacity building activities, inclusion of youth, and promotion of gender quality were defined. 

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