Heemskerk Advanced Water Treatment Works

Witteveen+Bos has gained a reputation in making innovations work. We have engineered various innovative process concepts to fullscale application for several water clients. While this requires a robust understanding of water treatment concepts, it primarily involves engineering creativity and a flexible design methodology. The Heemskerk water treatment plant consists of two parallel treatment trains:

  • Treatment by ultra filtration (UF) followed by reverse osmosis (RO), producing 18 million cubic metres per year
  • Treatment by UV/H2O2 followed by granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration, producing up to 50 million cubic metres per year


Both treatment trains are fed by pretreated surface water from the River Rhine and Lake IJssel. The membrane treated water is directly blended into final drinking water, whereas the UV/H2O2-GAC treated water is infiltrated into dune areas for aquifer recharge. The Heemskerk ultra filtration facility was the first large-scale UF facility in the world and the water treatment works were the first surface water treatment plant without chemical disinfection. The parallel UV/H2O2GAC facility combines disinfection and advanced oxidation of organic micropollutants. Both PWN’s primary UV disinfection process (bacteria, viruses and cysts) and UV based AOP are world innovations.

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