Dong Hoi Integrated Coastal Management

The ‘Dong Hoi Integrated Coastal Management’-project is supporting the city of Dong Hoi in better understanding the hydrodynamic and morphological situation of the Kien Giang river and the dune system in the Nhat Le estuary.

The sedimentation in the mouth of the river results in severe flooding upstream and problems with navigation. The yearly dredging on the other hand has negative impacts on the sustainable condition of the beaches and sand dunes along the coastline of Dong Hoi. Urban (touristic) development is a further threat to the coastal dune system.

Witteveen+Bos is executing a hydrological, hydrodynamic and morphological modelling study, including monitoring in dry and wet season. The study will help to understand the mechanisms of sedimentation and erosion. Based on that we will propose solutions to limit the erosion and to stabilize the river mouth.

The analysis, based on monitored data and computer simulations, will help defining a design and maintenance of the river mouth and coast line in a sustainable way. And to reduce yearly dredging and artificial coastal protection. Beside governmental experts, also local fisherman, women groups and children will be trained in a sustainable nature conservation.

In addition, technical solutions will be proposed for the Bao Ninh dune restoration and to improve the capacity of the local authorities and people to protect the dune system via training and public awareness.

The Dong Hoi Integrated Coastal Management is part of the Urban Environment and Climate Change Adaptation Project funded by the Asian Development Bank.

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