Building with Nature in an urban area

The Building with Nature programme develops expertise in the field of innovative and sustainable urban developments in which cities and nature are integrated. Attention is paid to the improvement of natural values in the estuaries and along dikes in urban areas, harbours and parks. As part of the programme, two projects were carried out in Dordrecht.

Urban development and nature

The first project, the Stadswerven, is a former business park that has been transformed into a residential area. The location is close to the Merwede River and the sea. This means that there is a risk of flooding. In the project 'Building with Nature', a natural barrier has been developed along the coastline to protect the planned urban development from flooding. Both the city and nature benefit from this development.

The second project is Kop van 't Land, an area located on a dike that protects the land from flooding in the Merwede River. In this project willows have been planted to form a natural protective barrier against waves that coincide with high water levels. Witteveen+Bos offered management and technical expertise in both projects.

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