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    Tuesday 12 May
    12.00 hrs

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Published on 23 April 2020

Webinar Building with People

You are invited to participate in the webinar Building with People, on Tuesday 12 May from 12.00 - 13.00 hrs organized by Witteveen+Bos.

Increasingly, companies are placing greater importance on social due diligence in international infrastructure projects and there is more attention for - and investigation into - the unintended negative side effects of such projects. This is not only triggered by economic motives, fear for reputational damage or ethical considerations, but also by the requirements of international standards for social sustainability that are being applied more often and more strictly. 

People have greater awareness of issues and their rights. They have increased access to media- and social media-outlets to express opinions, concerns,suggestions etc. Therefore infrastructure projects can quickly become more sensitive and more controversial than was previously the case. However, infrastructure projects can also offer many opportunities to enhance the quality of life for all groups, including vulnerable people, by finding synergies, creating spin-off and additional benefits and therefore accomplishing win-win situations.

Briefly: This webinar will explain why a professional social impact study can add great social, environmental and economic value to a project and to society whilst also avoiding many potential problems and delays that complex infrastructure projects may face.

About the speakers
Witteveen+Bos and KuiperCompagnons developed the framework for an ‘Inclusive Infra manual’ that looks for mechanisms to properly address the social impacts of infrastructure projects in a structured way. Together with Gabriela Factor from Community Insights Group (specialized in international social impact management consultancy) and Chris Jones from Kuiper & www.feedingcities.info (specialized in urban synergies and hands-on solutions for livable cities), we guide you through the main steps in this Manual and show how your business can benefit from the implementation of professional social impact assessment studies.


  • Introduction
  • Inclusive Infra Manual
  • Case study Semarang
  • Assignment Sierra Leone
  • Community Insights Group on Human Rights Issues
  • Chris Jones on Citizen involvement


If you are interested in joining our webinar, please register by filling in the registration form.
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