Published on 11 November 2020

'Sparkling cross-thinker' Marijn Bruurs wins Cobouw Young Talent Award

Today Marijn Bruurs, Consultant Digital Construction & 3D Concrete Printing at Witteveen+Bos, won Cobouw's Young Talent Award, for up-and-coming talent in the construction industry. The jury called Bruurs a 'sparkling cross-thinker'. Bruurs was one of the three nominees. Jury chairman Hans van der Spek praised Marijn with the words: 'Marijn Bruurs is an example for the profession in word and deed'. Bruurs makes speed and impact through innovation, such as digitization and 3d concrete printing. ‘We have to build faster in order to meet the demand, and that can only be achieved through more digitization. By using 3D concrete printing on a larger scale, it will be possible to build faster and smarter,' says Bruurs.

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