Published on 10 September 2018

Bangladesh Deltaplan 2100

In a Netherlands/Bangladesh cooperation programme a comprehensive long-term deltaplan for Bangladesh was prepared. Witteveen+Bos participated in a consortium led by management consultant Twynstra-Gudde to formulate the Deltaplan. On 3 September 2018 the government of Bangladesh adopted the Deltaplan and allocated an investment budget of USD 37 billion until 2031.

The Netherlands and Bangladesh are both low lying delta countries. We share the benefits and challenges that are associated with being in the transition zone of rivers, coast and sea. In agriculture, in international and inland navigation, in bearing consequences of upstream interventions and in effective water management, our countries can share expertise and policy input.

Bangladesh is the largest delta of the world. Its rivers and floodplains, which make up for 80 % of the country, support life, livelihoods and the economy. The country faces major inter-related delta challenges in water safety, food security and socio-economic development and is prone to natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, and droughts. There is already high pressure on the available land and water resources in the delta.

The Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 is formulated through a process that is adapted from the delta planning process as used in the Netherlands. Key elements of the delta planning process include the conduct of baseline studies, the outlining of a delta vision and scenarios, the creation of a delta framework for delta governance, the iterative selection of delta strategies, the formulation of an investment plan and a program for capacity building. It is interesting to note that the preparation process now materializes into government policy, including several parallels to Netherlands practice, for instance in drafting a Delta Law.

Witteveen+Bos co-ordinated the water supply and sanitation input into the Deltaplan and participated in the expert teams for coastal development, water resources and river engineering.

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