Combined experience within the field of renewable offshore energy

We have created a Community of Practice since 2020 in order to combine our competencies and knowledge realizing offshore energy projects.

This CoP aims to enhance strategy and coordination between our Product-Market Combinations (PMCs) with project experience and competencies within the field of renewable offshore energy. It allows us to offer our clients integral solutions, throughout the whole lifecycle of offshore energy projects and to serve the existing market even better.

We operate according to sustainable design principles

Witteveen+Bos is aiming to develop resilient, sustainable and cost effective projects with a positive impact on the environment. To achieve those goals, we combine our experience from early offshore wind developments worldwide, and our 7 Sustainable Design Principles.



Interdisciplinary team

As an international and independent consultant, we have ample experience in supporting project developers, regulators, grid operators and contractors defining their strategy, executing (renewable) offshore energy projects and optimizing design solutions.

This is why our interdisciplinary offshore team consists of more than 35 academic professionals who supported in the realizations of more than 70 projects around the globe. In the heat of the global energy transition, it seemed the right moment to unite these people and form an integral team.

Curious about how we could help one another?

Witteveen+Bos medewerker Stefan de Roos

Stefan De Roos

Managing director Witteveen+Bos Belgium N.V.

Koen Haans

PMC manager Energy Transition